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Walnut Pesto with Spinach & Basil

As pignolis seem to have become more expensive than gold these days, and my windowsill basil continues to grow in the New York City sunlight, I am experimenting with different types of pesto. This is inspired by a recipe in the book Eat Taste Heal mixed with one in Raw Food. Ingredients: 1/4 cup walnuts […]

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Raw Molé – Yum!

Oh, my God, I love this recipe. And it’s raw! It is delicious, spicy AND good for you! How often can you say that? I put it in my wraps to give them an extra buzzy bite and it makes me very happy. I adapted this from the amazingly talented, Alissa Cohen and her book,Raw […]

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Garlic Scape & Parsley Base

I thought I had created a disaster but, then I realized this recipe makes a fantastic base for so many other things. Add olive oil and you’ve got a delicious, garlicky dressing. Add to a tin(can) of organic tomatoes and you’ve got a yummy sauce for pasta. I added a frozen cube to some pesto […]

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Crazy Crisp Water

Day 32: I’m not sure if water counts as a dish, but it is so flavourful and good for you, I am going to count it. I need to drink more water, but I forget but this makes water taste delish, without all those horrible fake flavourings made in New Jersey (at least, that’s where […]

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