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The Best Brussel Sprouts Dish, Ever!

I never go back for seconds of Brussel sprouts with a smile; they are a food I know is good for me and therefore I eat them. Until now. This dish is delicious! It is adapted from The Vegan Road by the amazing Patrick McGilvray. He is an avid athlete and studied plant-based nutrition at […]

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Raw Pumpkin Pie Redux!

Okay, I gave this another go. Changed the base, hoping to make it less sweet and finding a way to harden the pie without freezing it by mistake (which is what I did last time!) Much better this time. I dehydrated the base but you can still harden the base by placing it in the […]

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Walnut Pesto with Spinach & Basil

As pignolis seem to have become more expensive than gold these days, and my windowsill basil continues to grow in the New York City sunlight, I am experimenting with different types of pesto. This is inspired by a recipe in the book Eat Taste Heal mixed with one in Raw Food. Ingredients: 1/4 cup walnuts […]

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Sweet Potato (Healthy-ish) Fries

Ah, Autumn is upon us and Holiday season will be here before we know it. What does this mean for our CSA? SWEET POTATOES! Sweet potatoes are something to which I have become accustomed since moving to the States. I never really encountered them in the UK other than their similar counterpart, the yam. These […]

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Skordalia, oh yeah.

I had this in a Greek restaurant and, thanks to the internet, now I’m making it at home. This comes from Nancy Galfyllia on in their Greek food section. I followed the recipe exactly the first time, and it was waaaayyyyy too pungent for me and my fellow diners. So, I tried again and […]

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Red Tomato Salsa

This is from an old and amazing Robert Carrier book, Gourmet Vegetarian. I love this particular salsa. I’ve been making it for years. And as organic tomato season comes to an end, it is a good one to celebrate the round, red fruit! Ingredients: 2 ripe beefsteak tomatoes 1 large red pepper, diced (I used […]

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Raw Pomadoro Sauce and….BOO!

Marinara sauce, in Italy, is a seafood sauce – makes more sense with the derivation –  and Neapolitan is the classic tomato. Why did the names get switched around in the US? And, in Naples they call the classic Italian tomato sauce, salsa. I never thought a raw version of any of the above would […]

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Raw ‘Brain’ Brownies..Mwahahahahahhah!

I love, love, love these! Thank you, Denise Mari from Organic Avenue for this delicious alternative to all that Halloween filled-with-chemicals-and-so-bad-for-you-in-so-many-ways candy. Instead, have raw brownies! I know, you’ll be disappointing the kids. But pleasing your tongue. So, there you go. I got all my ingredients from vitacost – you’ll see a discount code to […]

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Mochachino F-G-F-Y Frappé

I have been drinking this every morning, this week. Yes, I know the photo looks like a rhino hide, but it is delicious. Mix it up – use coconut water instead of milk, etc. I just made one with 1.5 cups of coconut water ,no almond milk and 5 spinach leaves. It all tastes good. […]

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GMOs – You Can Already Read the Label

As millions are poured into the Washington State fight to prevent our food being properly labelled, there is already a way we can identify genetically modified fruit and veg. It’s on the PLU. The romantic acronym for Price Look-Up. If it comprises four letters, it is a conventionally grown product. If it is five digits […]

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