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Walnut Pesto with Spinach & Basil

As pignolis seem to have become more expensive than gold these days, and my windowsill basil continues to grow in the New York City sunlight, I am experimenting with different types of pesto. This is inspired by a recipe in the book Eat Taste Heal mixed with one in Raw Food. Ingredients: 1/4 cup walnuts […]

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Raw Pomadoro Sauce and….BOO!

Marinara sauce, in Italy, is a seafood sauce – makes more sense with the derivation –  and Neapolitan is the classic tomato. Why did the names get switched around in the US? And, in Naples they call the classic Italian tomato sauce, salsa. I never thought a raw version of any of the above would […]

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Chickpea Picatta – #Heaven

I seem to have hit the motherload in delicious vegan or raw dishes, this month. This picatta was off-the-charts delicious, I found myself yelling about it’s tasty goodness in my apartment. Alone. Yes, it really is that good. Isa, you’ve done it again. All hail the Vegan Queen. (PS I halved the amounts, left off […]

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Chickpea Cutlets – Oh, my Gawd.

I love these! I have never used wheat gluten before. so I have never seen how stringy and elastic it gets. Fun stuff. These are yummy. They are based on a recipe from the Queen of Vegan herself – Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I used the one in her cookebook, Veganomicon, but she has modified it […]

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Quinoa Stuffed Red Peppers – Oh, Yeah

My husband made these. He researched. He checked out recipes which matched our CSA veggies. And, he came up trumps. This dish is delicious and good for you, too! A great way to enjoy the tail end of pepper season. This is adapted from Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa 1 cup water 2 red bell […]

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Vegetable Tempeh Fajitas

OMG – yes, I used that term – these fajitas were delicious. I always love the idea of fajitas in a tex-mex place but then I’m always, faintly, disappointed by the preponderance of sizzling onion and green pepper. None of that here.  This is adapted from New Vegetarian, by Celia Brooks Brown, which my sister […]

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Almond Chili Noodles – Raw!

I must admit, I was hesitant to delve into the world of kelp noodle,s but I thought a thick, tasty sauce would make it work. My fiendish plan worked. Even my daughter loves them. I haven’t yet done the hubby test. It is light and delicious but, also, filling. And raw! Blowing my own mind, […]

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Summer Frittata

I love this dish! It is adapted from the amazing Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Post Punk Kitchen. She uses chard. I was about to make it with the right ingredients when I found out my tofu was wayyyy past its sell-by date. As I had already prepped the chard (check out what I made, here) I […]

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Spicy Sesame Squash Spaghetti

Okay, this is delicious. I never thought I’d become somebody who makes spaghetti out of zucchini and actually call it spaghetti, but here I am. It is so satisfying to make the ‘noodles’ (because it is easy with instant results). Don’t make my mistake – one courgette makes a ton of spaghetti  – stop at […]

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Raw Summer Squash Salad

This is such a fresh tasting dish. Add some mint and you’ve got added freshness. I liked more salt than may be proper. Ingredients: 1 yellow summer squash, julienned 1 courgette (zucchini), julienned 1 bell pepper, julienned 1 scallion, thinly chopped 1 Tbsp fresh basil leaves, shredded 1 Tbsp fresh parsley, chopped (Opt) 1 Tbsp […]

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