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Garlic Scape & Parsley Base

I thought I had created a disaster but, then I realized this recipe makes a fantastic base for so many other things. Add olive oil and you’ve got a delicious, garlicky dressing. Add to a tin(can) of organic tomatoes and you’ve got a yummy sauce for pasta. I added a frozen cube to some pesto and it added a great kick.
Garlic Scape BaseWait! (I hear you cry) What the hell is a scape?
Well, I had no idea until I started getting food from our CSA. A scape is the top part of a garlic plant. It shoots up at this time of year, and you cut them off if you would like the energy to go back into your garlic bulb. Luckily, they taste delicious. Milder than the garlic bulb itself, but still garlicky and pungent. Garlic Scapes

5-6 garlic scapes.
1/4-1/2 cup olive oil
1 bunch of parsley
2-3 Tbs lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Grind up the scapes in a food processor. Add the olive oil, scraping the sides, as necessary. Add the remaining ingredients to taste. Freeze in an ice cube tray and use as and when you would like to add an extra kick to a sauce or marinade.

Note – If you desire to make this into a sauce you can use immediately, use 2-3 scapes, instead!

Additional note from a year after this post – garlic scape season has come around again, so I thought I would retry this recipe. This time I used 7/8 scapes, 1/2 cup olive oil and a healthy bunch of parsley. It really works. Pungent and flavorful – definitely something to keep in the freezer to spice up any sauces.

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