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Matcha Green Tea Frappé

I have been trying to give up coffee and I LOVE this! You asked, so here it is – the original matcha frappe recipe.
I am instantly nicer once I drink it.
Plus, I’m certain it’s good for me. I watched a video on productivity and it stated that green tea is great for your productivity – must be all of those antioxidants. Matcha is the Queen of Green Tea, so major brownie points for moi.
I adapted this from Renee Loux’s delicious recipe which I watched on an old organic avenue video. Oh, how I wish they would bring those back!
Match Green Tea FrappéFYI – I have tried this with various ingredients and it, almost always, comes out delicious (if I put too much Matcha in, it can become a little bitter – nobody wants a little bitter)

I am drinking a version right now, as I type, made with fresh coconut milk and the scrape of  a vanilla pod. Oh, yes! However, the recipe below is my go-to, rush-out-the-door-mum version of this delicious pick-me-up. (I’m really going for the hyphens, today)

1 Tbs almond milk (made from this recipe, of course!)
1 cup coconut water
1/2 Tbs match green tea powder
1/2 Tbs Coconut sugar
Few drops organic vanilla extract
Pinch fresh ground sea salt
Handful of ice

Place everything, except the ice, in a blender, and blend at high speed smooth. Add the ice, blend again until frothy and ready to drink (I used my vitamix for this).

Call me crazy, but I drink mine from an insulated cupwith a metal straw.

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