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Polenta- The Easy Way

I tried polenta once before. Not only was it time-consuming, it came out all mushy. I found this quick and easy method, on  Kyle Phillips posted the traditional way with constant stirring for 40 minutes, but a reader- John- posted an even quicker way  and I really love it! I used John’s brown-bag method, which came from his friend Patrizia, which came from a family in Valle D’Aosta. If you have a slow-cooker, let me know how that goes! I halve the amount but have posted the full amounts below.

1lb course ground corn meal
2 quarts boiling water
1Tsp (heaping) ground sea salt

Bring water to boil and add the salt. Make sure it is a wide-bottomed and heavy-bottomed pan (vicar).
Add the cornmeal in a slow and steady stream and keep stirring. Keep the water gently boiling. Once the meal has been poured into and well-mixed into the water – here’s the trick – cover it with brown paper, pop on the lid, put on a back burner on a low heat, for 40 minutes. After that time, you have your polenta. Yum! As you can see, I was already tucking into mine before I remembered to take the photo.

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