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Mango Matcha Frappé

I love this. I could drink it all day long. It gives me a caffeine boost while also being good for me. The antioxidants from the green tea, the electrolytes from the coconut water, and other things I AM SURE!  Plus, it’s all creamy and gloopy and yummy to drink.
This is inspired a Renee Loux’s recipe, but is completely different. I’ll post my adapted version of her recipe next week.
Mango Matcha FrappeIngredients:
1 C almond milk
1/2 C coconut milk
1/2Tb green tea
1/2Tb coconut sugar
1/2 fresh, ripe mango (mine was all oozy juicy flesh)
handful of ice cubes (for purists – use alkaline or filtered water. Our is done with a Brita)
PS – I just tried this the other way around with 1C coconut milk and 1/4 cup Almond milk, and it was equally tasty.

Blend all the ingredients, except the ice. Once mixed and liquified, add the ice. Blend until frothy and liquified.

Call me crazy, I enjoy mine more in an insulated cup and metal straw. I DON’T KNOW WHY, but I think it tastes better! Feel free to post your thoughts as to why that might be, below.
Do some drinks just taste better in certain containers to you?
Is there a science behind it? Anybody know?
Why does black tea taste better in china?
You see, we deal with all the big questions on Root Groupie.


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