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Warm Cashew Cinnamon Milk

Day 40: Blimey, I’m steaming through this thing! (That pun almost pass you by? Actually, not quite steaming as it is a raw-ish drink) Already two-thirds of the way through. I feel great. Okay, the recipe I was following (but, obviously not), is one-gone-wrong-but-oh-so-right. I’ll post the correct one another time; this one is worth a-trying. Hmm, it’s got me all writing in fake ye olde english and getting out Great Aunt Mary’s teacups.
Hot Cashew Cinnamon Milk

1/4 Cup cashew nuts
1 Medjool date
2 cups water
1/2 Tsp vanilla extract
Big dash cinnamon (to taste)

Soak the cashew nuts overnight.

Put everything in your high-powered blender. Gradually switch up to high and let blend for two minutes. This means it heats up to just the right temperature. Apparently, this still counts are raw, if that is important to you.

Pour into your best granny teacup. Add cinnamon stick. Enjoy.

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