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Kale Almond Crackers

Day 44:  These crackers are posh! They look like they should be in a paper bag with cellophane on the front in Wholefoods. And they taste good, too. Now, I have to make dips and pastes and whatever-vegan/raw-folks-put-on-crackers to, well, dress  my crackers. This is adapted from Susan Powers’ wonderful Rawmazing website. Ingredients: 1 cup […]

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Day 39: Hummus! A staple, I know, but it had to happen. I wonder- a generation ago, did folks west of Greece go ‘humma what?’ I just desired some, had a tin of chickpeas in the cupboard so, wham! Hummus. Next time, I will try raw hummus. There are tons of hummus recipes out there, […]

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Flaxseed Crackers

Day 37: I never thought I’d be someone who made crackers. Especially out of seeds! I’d have to be crackers (sorry, couldn’t resist). These are delicious and good for you too. All those omegas. This is from Raw Food by Erica Palmcrantz and Irmela Lilja. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups flaxseeds (linseeds) I like to use […]

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Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

Day 38: I can’t stop eating these. They are raw! And delicious! I am really getting into raw desserts after having the German Chocolate Cake from Rockin’ Raw. What is Irish Moss, anyway? This recipe is from an amazing new site I have found called,, and her food photography is beautiful. I used almond flour […]

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Truffled Parmesan

Day 24a: I can’t stop snacking on this. It is very rich, though, so I only pick at a little at a time. I made more pasta just so I could put this on the top. I halved the ingredients and it was plenty. I’ll put the full recipe below. Ingredients: 2 cups raw pine […]

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No Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips

Day 14: I love these kale chips. My husband loves these kale chips. My baby loves these. Even my died-in-the-wool-New-Englander mother-in-law loves these. She went from ‘they sound terrible,’ to ‘they’re quite good.’ I have tried all kinds of kale chip recipes. I am not a fan of the cashew nut based ones you get […]

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Raw Cacao Truffles

Okay, I LOVE these! They are adapted from The Beauty Detox, by Kimberly Snyder, but I have been making them so long now, I have added, modified and am doing my own thing with them, as I hope you will, too. I can write this recipe by heart: 1 cup of raw, unpasteurized almonds, soaked […]

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