The New Veganism

Well, I have certainly lost weight with this challenge! I wasn’t even paying attention to my weight but I found a skirt which had been too tight for me so I had thrown it to the back of a shelf. During a clear-out over the weekend, I found it and tried it on. It now hangs loosely on my hips!

Vegan SignIt makes sense that a 90% plant-based diet (yes, I would say I am currently at 85-90%) would mean less flab, but I really haven’t noticed the process. I must admit, I do love the biodynamic organic cheese from a particular farm stand and I cannot see myself giving that up any time soon. But, I figure, something so delicious cannot be that bad for you, right? Particularly in these small amounts. Other than that, and being caught out in restaurants, my diet has been plant-based. I have even – I can’t even believe I’m about to write this – have been using a vegan butter substitute this week. I’m not sure how long THAT will last. I was raised in England, after all.

It seems veganism is the new trend. I have noticed the growing number of vegan restaurants and food stores in the fancy parts of Manhattan. And how about Gwyneth’s new book! More and more folks are switching over to a more plant-based diet for health reasons and for political reasons. Today, Radio 4’s Food Programme looked into this new trend. I have included the link, here.  It is not mandatory to wear black and be angry, or be a hippy to be a vegan. Or even high heels and a sheath dress. But, hey, it’s a free country.

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