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Good For You Chocolate Mousse

This chocolate mousse is mind-blowing and it is raw! Perfect for when you crave, for when you need, that chocolate fix.
AND all that dark chocolate and avocado must be good for you. Right?
This dish is unbelievably delicious and easy to make. It is based on the rawmazing recipe – what an incredible recipe website that is! I used less sweetener, replacing the agave with coconut nectar, and threw in some cacao nibs.

Raw Chocolate Mousse-1Ingredients:
3/4 cup dates (pitted)
2 avocados
1  cup Almond Milk
1/2 cup raw Almond Butter
3/4 cup Cacao Powder
1/4 cup coconut nectar
1 Tbs cacao nibs

Put everything into a blender, apart from the nibs. Blend until smooth. Add the nibs. Blend. Refridgerate. Eat! Post below and tell me about your experience with this. Can’t wait to hear.

PS – I am experimenting with freezing this as a way to make raw ice-cream. I’ll keep you posted.Raw Chocolate Mousse

PPS- It works!


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