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Raw Chocolate with Crushed Almonds

Day 55: Yes! I am so happy. I made raw chocolate. Can’t quite believe it. I even added almonds. I’m in heaven. Raw cacao is so good for you, too, along with the coconut butter, so I might call this virtuous chocolate. What could be better?
Raw Choc

1 cup raw cacao
1 Tbs raw coconut sugar
1/4 Tsp agave ( I like my chocolate strong and barely sweet. You’ll probably want it a lot sweeter thank I like it, so add either more sugar or agave.  Double or triple the amounts! I  like mine with hardly any sweetness! The latter is easier.)
1/2 cup raw coconut butter1 Tbs raw almonds, crushed into small pieces

Melt the coconut butter in the dehydrator. (You could probably use an oven heated up and then turned off). Measure out the dry ingredients into a bowl, minus the almonds. Pour in the melted butter and agave. Whisk together. Add the almonds. Mix again.

I spread out a sheet of clingfilm over my wooden chopping board and poured some of the chocolate goo into shapes I happened to have, and some into medallions. The medallions is easier but the shapes are fun. So, spoon out into any shape you like.
Leave in the fridge to harden. About 30 minutes.

YUM! Raw Choc Prep


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