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Raw Cacao Coconut Flan

Day 50: I ate almost half of this as soon as it was made. I had to force myself to stop! Nothing beats raw chocolate.

This is adapted from I made it in one 8″ pan, used almond flour leftover from my almond milk, added a few drops of mint essence in the crust, doubled the amount of filling and used raw coconut sugar instead of agave, as I prefer not to use the latter. I suspect using the agave keeps the chocolate moist and runny, whereas mine became hardened chocolate, which was exactly what I needed! The chocolate hardens before your eyes, like magic! I suspect the runnier version is more practical.

1 C dried, unsweetened coconut
1/3 C raw coconut Oil
1/2 C almond Flour
1-2 drops of mint essence

Combine all ingredients in food processor, pat into an 8″ bevelled flan dish. Press down with your fingers until it flattens across the pan and up around the sides.

Place in the freezer so it gets nice and crispy.

1 C raw cacao powder
1/2 C raw coconut oil
4 Tbs raw coconut sugar

Melt coconut oil either in a dehydrator or with hot water. Whisk in the coconut sugar and cacoa. It becomes a shiny chocolatey liquid which becomes very hard to resist. Pour into the case.Cacao Coconut Tart

P.S. – don’t do like I did which was to eat almost half of it in one sitting, as – afterwards –  it gave me a tummy-ache!  Limit your slices or, better yet, share it with eager, chocolate-loving friends.


2 Responses to “Raw Cacao Coconut Flan”

  1. On March 2, 2013 at 5:37 pm Nancy responded with... #

    Oh dear….I accidentally bought cacao butter (which was really expensive) and there is no way I can sub it in. Will have to figure out another use for it. This looks like it will be quite rich even with cocoa powder. (Is that the same thing as cacao powder? I’m hoping so.)

  2. On March 2, 2013 at 8:25 pm SheriGraubert responded with... #

    Hi there, Nancy!
    Yes, it is cacao powder rather than cocoa powder. Cacao is raw and cocoa is processed. Here is a link which explains it better:

    I found this recipe which uses cacao butter, if you would like to try it:

    If you experiment with this recipe and cacao butter and cocoa, post here to let me know how it goes! I am sure other readers will want to know, too.


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