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Refreshing Fruit Salad

Day 30: OMG, I made it to day 30!
OMG, I just wrote OMG!
This fruit salad is really delicious and easy to make.

Fresh Fruit SaladIngredients:
1 Pineapple – cut into chunks1 apple –  cored, and cut into pieces
1 pear – cored, and cut into pieces
1 punnet blueberries
1 sprig mint leaves
1 Tbs lime juice – to taste (I use Santa Cruz Organic)
1 Tsp lemon juice (Again – Santa Cruz is my favourite)

Toss the apple and pear pieces in the lemon juice to prevent from browning.

Chop the mint leaves finely. I use a coffee grinder to make them really small.

Mix all the fruit together in a big bowl. Pour over the lime juice and mint leaves.
Toss all together (UK friends – the fruit, the fruit!)

Do you have a go-to fruit salad  recipe you love? If so, please share with it me, below. Would love to hear from you.

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