Third Week Check in – Gratitude

Week 3, already! I cannot believe it! Time really does fly by in a New York minute.

Well, I am noticeably slimmer, without intending to be. My husband keeps commenting on it, with varying degrees of politeness, and mostly focusing on the ‘bum area.’ I am grateful for the barometer but, sometimes, I wonder if my ass was huge before this challenge. (It wasn’t).

I have not cut cheese entirely out of my diet – I cannot resist this biodynamic organic cheddar from the farmer’s market and just bought some more, today. It is delicious! My goal was 60% vegan or raw, and  I am probably more than that, right now, but I cannot imagine life without cheese or butter!

Do I have more energy? I guess I do, although it is hard to tell with nightly wake-ups between 3 and 4pm.


I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who has checked the posts out on this site and commented on Facebook. I am thrilled that some of my food photos have pinned and re-pinned on Pinterest! I don’t even have an account, yet, on Pinterest!

On a deeper note, I must express my gratitude that I live in a country and a city  which have such abundance and availability that I can even do a challenge like this.

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