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Coconut Green Juice

Coconut Green Juice aka The Elixir of Life

Can you tell how proud I am? I cut open the coconut with my new cleaver. I had tried, once before, on a coconut purchased from Chinatown and from which I had already drunk the water. I almost broke my knife in the attempt! This time, I was prepared. I had ordered a cleaver online – they are scary looking things – and hacked away. I think it took longer than it should because wielding that thing was terrifying!

Coconut Green Juice
Okay, here’s the recipe:
Water of one coconut
Large handful of organic baby spinach leaves (they usually come already washed. Or ‘triple washed,’ whatever that means)
1 Organic apple – cut and cored
1 Organic Pear – cut and cored
You can add water to thin the consistency, as you desire.

This is very complicated. Read carefully…Put all the ingredients in your high-speed blender. I use a Vitamix.
Turn on (the machine).
Whizz until liquified.



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